• AI is the new Electricity*

    be the new power generation

  • Our vision

    The new power generation

    Our ethos

    Sow, Grow, Flow

    Created in Oxford – a the UK's deep learning and NLP hub – OXFORD AI launched with a unique vision: to democratize AI with a collaborative model for commercializing cutting-edge research.


    From the start, we’ve made AI accessible. AI that scales. And AI that can be trusted.


    This unique approach is a win-win amongst AI researchers who want to stay in academia as well as the companies whose data and challenges they wanted access to.


    Our network spans academia, startups, scale-ups and the biggest, most dynamic multi-nationals, government organizations and NGO's. The best product and service development processes usually start small and slow: sowing the idea in the minds of a small core team. If momentum is building we bring the right resources to stimulate effective growth. And as the product matures, our focus moves to reaching and maintaining flow. 

    Strategic Partnerships

    To Realize Big Opportunities

    Today, we’re enabling the world’s most innovative companies with top-tier services and AI products to create a better future through a redefined human/machine collaboration.